Preparatory School
4355 Central Ave
St Petersburg FL  33713          (727) 327-1454
est. 1985

Contact Us

For further information about Brighton please email [email protected]

fax  727 327-1454

Faith Smith [email protected]

Debby Jestes-Obst [email protected]

Marian Foulks [email protected]

Admission Process: Phone inquiries are initially sent a brochure after primary questions have been addressed. The brochure covers basic information and the tuition schedule. Upon further interest of the family, an appointment for the parents or guardians is scheduled. At that conference, it is decided if the family and Mrs. Faith Smith, Co-Director, see a "fit" for the student. Mrs. Smith then schedules a separate appointment to interview the student alone. No formalized testing is administered. The specific educational information Brighton needs has been already gleaned from the two interviews. A school tour is incorporated in the interviews.

Brighton has maintained its average of 30 students over its 29 years. That is right in the "school capacity" norm formulated by its proprietors.

NOTE TRANSFERS: Brighton always requests records on a written form given directly to the parent to sign; it is then sent to the former school. We do not issue records to anyone other than academic institutions requesting records in writing.  Records requested from a former school for transfer of the student records to Brighton must use a transmittal form.
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